My Reading List…

It’s a long one. :) That always makes me happy…

Oh! And you can expect reviews for all of them.

Christian Fiction

How To Stuff a Wild Zucchini by Heather Horrocks (reread, so I can review honestly–I’m in the middle of it right now)

Until Proven Guilty by Betsy Brannon Green (also a reread)

Passage to Zarahemla by Chris Heimerdinger

All I Hold Dear by Jennie Hansen

Desire of Our Hearts by Sariah S. Wilson

Terry Pratchett


Unseen Acedmicals

The Wee Free Men (I’ve had this one recommended to me by several people, so it must be good, but I’m still undecided…)

Other Books

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Cold Fury (reread, to review accurately)

Manga (Okay. I’m not even going to try to put the whole 7 page list here… but these are at the top)

Iris Zero

Penguin Brothers

Tenshi Ja Nai

Never Give Up

Liselotto to Maju no Mori


Next Up on the Review List

Everything by Sarah M. Eden (one of my all-time favorite authors)

Cold Fury

Heist Society

Seiyuu Ka (manga)

The Dark Unwinding

The Brotherband Chronicles

The Ranger’s Apprentice Series

And Oh So Many More… but this is just a heads up on what I’m going to be doing over the next month or so. :) I so happy!!!!chibi_book_by_arianna96-d5vx9ljhee hee hee… XD

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