Hearts in Hiding~ And LDS Romance By Betsy Brannon Green

imagesThere are very few LDS authors who I can read and enjoy. I’m picky with my LDS fiction. They can be cheesy, lame, and just all around weird. But I am here to tell you all that if you’re looking for an author who can successfully write a novel and insert enough romance to satisfy me, then Betsy Brannon Green is your best bet. Now, here I must state that LDS fiction is different from COVENANT fiction. So for a REALLY good, SQUEAKY clean romance, I’d suggest an author more like Sarah M. Eden or Julianne Donaldson *satisfied smile* they’re both stellar authors. But if you want LDS suspense and romance novels, Betsy Brannon Green is your best bet. I won’t tell you too much, just that this book involves drug dealers, the witness protection program, and some hilarious, lovable, nosy old neighbors. All set in a tiny southern town in Georgia, where if you forget to write a thank you card for a gift, you become a social pariah. :) It’s good stuff


Um… It’s LDS. So… No passionate kissing scenes, although he does kiss her. Sometimes. Maybe… :) and they get married at the beginning of the book. Just for their cover in witness protection–she doesn’t know him at all, but he’s her bodyguard person… it’s great. :) And there’s some flirtatious banter that goes on between the two of them that just makes me so happy I could die. I love her. She’s a great author.

On Violence, there isn’t much, but there is in fact a body count (I’m kinda surprised how many LDS fiction novels are about the FBI, CIA, and Terrorists…) and some danger is involved. But for the most part, the book is just fun. Just plain fun. And a great read for a summer afternoon! (Or a Winter one, or a Fall one–but not a Spring one. You should be gardening during the spring, not reading.) :) so go and read it already! Pleeeease. It’s really good, I promise. Well, maybe you won’t like it, but I loved it. I really did. So if you end up hating it just don’t blame me. blame your lack of appreciation for good LDS literature. She’s one of the better authors. Just don’t get mad at me. please. maybe. I’m going to go now…


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