The Crimson Crown~ Last Novel of the Seven Realms Series

CC_cover_mdOkay. Okay, if I’m really going to be honest with you all, I was a bit disappointed with the way that it turned out. I mean, I wasn’t too terribly disappointed, but I wasn’t all that pleased, either. I liked the ending, (who wouldn’t) but I didn’t think that it quite lived up to the great books I’ve read from her before. Really, I couldn’t find all that much wrong with it, except for one thing–it was waaaaaay too long. I mean, I guess I just didn’t get the same… greatness from it.

I won’t deny that I liked it. I loved it. It was great, it just wasn’t stellar. Maybe that’s because I read it right after reading a piece of golden writing like Dodger, but I just couldn’t get through the Crimson Crown without checking to see how far I’d gotten every couple of minutes. there was just so much. I couldn’t help feeling that maybe, all the court espionage and grudge matches were starting to get a little old. And at the end, there were a couple of things that just seemed to drag out the ending than close off any loose ends. Still, it was a good book. A worthy book. I might even end up buying it; but just for the sake of the other books in the series that I enjoyed a lot more.


Well, there were a couple of kissing scenes, always stopping short of the bedroom door, but Raisa as always gets frustrated by that (which I just want to virtually slap her for) and… I don’t know what this one scene was. They had previously decided not to consummate anything unless he could marry her, but then there is a scene in the garden when there could be something that could be interpreted as quadruple space. but I still want to believe the best about the characters I have come to love throughout this series. So I won’t conclude the worst.

Other than that you have the minor supporting character lesbian couple, A couple of murders, and honestly I don’t remember if there was any swearing. There probably was, but it not enough to be remembered, anyway. Then we have the violence. This book was a lot more focused on the cloak and dagger aspect than anything else, but there is a death count to be counted. And there are fights that result in death. But not anything too bad, and not anything too graphic, in my opinion. but this book definitely wouldn’t be for a tween or pre-teen.

My thoughts

So… I think you already know most of my opinions about this book. I was pretty disappointed, but it was nice to have some closure to a series that I really like. but It didn’t turn out to be anything special, which I was just… let down by. I guess that from an author as good as Cinda Williams Chima, I’ve just started to expect a little bit more than what I got.

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