Howl’s Moving Castle~ A *really good* Novel by Dianna Wynn Jones

I meant to review this book a long time ago, but then I got distracted with other things and never did… and now it’s been a while since I read it. I also watched an Anime movie adaptation of the book–and I REALLY enjoyed both of them immensely, although they were really different. Still, I really liked them both. a lot. I know a lot of people really hated the anime because it has a whole different type of plot line than the book has and it went in a whole different direction than Howl’s Moving Castle took, but the anime is REALLY well done, especially if you have an appreciation for the art of Japanese movie-making. It’s a studio Ghibli film with Hayao Miyazaki directing. It’s really good.

About the book, I really liked it, but for different reasons. I possibly liked it simply because I loved the movie. There was definitely more romance in the movie, and I actually liked the characters better in the anime as well. But the book has a couple of things going for it– it came first. the plot is a good one, and I really like Diana Wynn Jone’s writing style. It was really good. but I have to say, the anime was more memorable. Just my thoughts.


well, the romance in the book is almost non-existent. I mean, it seemed just a little bit like she threw it in there last minute to satisfy people like me who had been daydreaming the entire book long about them ending up married with lots of little wizard babies running around. I don’t recall very much swearing, but then again it was a long time ago that I read this book. I might have forgotten (man, I’m really bad at this whole book review thing, aren’t I…)

Blonde hair

My Thoughts

you know, I really should just stop putting the my thoughts down here. I already discuss it at the top, so I might as well be done with it and not bother with a whole other ‘my thought’s section thingy. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me. So, I liked the anime better, but the book was great. I wasn’t disappointed, and I read it more than once. I haven’t bought it yet, but I think I might. Oh! And there are two sequels that she wrote–I read one of them and really liked it, but I couldn’t see how she would incorporate Howl into the other one very much so I didn’t bother with that one. Anyway, happy reading! the castle them together


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