Dodger~ By Terry Pratchett

imgresI have discovered a new Author. Terry Pratchett. The man is amazing! I borrowed Dodger from the library and when I had finished it I closed the cover and thought ‘I am now going to go out and buy this book’. Seriously! And generally, if the first place I read was the library, I just borrow it again if I want to read it again. But I want this one on my shelf. It’s gooooooood.


Okay, so there is a bit of swearing, nothing all that creative, just simple stuff and not too often. I didn’t mind it–especially since it’s set in 1800’s England, so it just seemed to… I dunno… be less offensive. :) I love 1800’s England. There wasn’t anything particularly racy in there either–A girl who was married loses her unborn child after getting beaten up, a couple of references to… loose women, but they were kind of funny references. And a dog with a rather unfortunate name–i don’t suggest you look it up. Nothing too bad.

My Thoughts

where to begin?! I loved it! I almost feel like that’s nuff said. I don’t want to drag this out too long, and I feel that everybody should read it. Everybody.


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