Michael Vey~ By Richard Paul Evans

Michael Vey Cover Art          I had actually meant to read this book a while ago, but I got distracted by a couple of other books. i mean really, ANOTHER book about the boy with the kidnapped or gone in some way mother who discovers his powers and wants to rescue her? *Cough*  percy jackson *cough*.  Anyway, I was eventually hooked. I mean, I know that there are a bunch of books going now about demigods and magicians and witches and demons and fallen angels and vampires, but what about just… straight up powers? You know, like Teen titans and the Avengers? They have plenty of movies about powers and superheroes, but books? Ha. So I was curious. I’m glad I read it.


No sexual stuff, just a few funny scenes involving mind reading and a few innocent kisses. There is no profanity, and I love that about this book. Some bullying, a few names, but no swearing. That’s it for content1 Oh–there is some action scenes, but nothing that is overly gory or bad. think Percy Jackson. this book reminded me of Rick Riordan a lot.


My Thoughts

It’s not all just fluff and surface stuff like a lot of the current fiction (a.e. Percy Jackson, The Accidental Hero, 39 Clues etc) I mean, there’s nothing wrong with those books, they just don’t really have much deeper food for thought in them. This book has a more meaningful idea just below the surface. It delves into human choice, and staying loyal to your values- and not giving in to blackmail and stuff. But it’s not TOTALLY focused on the moral stuff. It’s still pretty dang fluffy in under that cover there.

It IS  a modern book with the popular style of writing at the moment. It can be pretty funny, and it’s not all that challenging to read. If you’re looking for the next LOTR or Harry Potter, this isn’t it. But it’s still good!

Overall: I’d give this book four stars. It’s engaging, easy to read, gives you some food for thought, and I stayed up till 2 in the morning to finish it, which I will take as a good sign. The target age is right on- a Teen book, through and through. ages 12-15 would most enjoy it. Maybe some 11 year olds, too. But I don’t know how many 16+ kids would like it.

I hope this helps and happy reading!




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