Blog Support!

I am supported by SOOOO many things–my friends, my family, my books, my manga (especially manga–they can really be inspiring). Recently I have found a few blogs that really help me. Here is a post from one of them!

Why Teen Writers are Taking over the World…

It made my day! Now I feel like I can carry on with the lives of Scarlett, Rachel, Lex, Idris, Conrad, Sammy, Rose Cordelia (I love that name) and all of the other characters in my book Surviving the Shadows. It’s been a long time since I have felt truly confident about my work–but I am, now. A good friend (teacher, mentor, [choir director]) of mine recently said in relating to show business ‘If you can’t handle rejection, you’ll never make it in the biz.’ that is so true. It took me a long time to realize that wonder of wonders, I am not actually the center of the universe and not EVERYBODY is going to like my writing. That’s okay. If I get rejected ten, twenty, thirty,fifty times–fine. I’ll keep trying, because I KNOW there are people who would be happy to read my book, and I want it to be available to them. I lost sight of that for a while. But I am back on, and ready to go! Here’s an excerpt to inspire from your one and only Cozybooks

For how long, some might wonder, did Scarlett stand there–her hair dripping from the rain, her eyes closed against the storm raging all around her? It must have been hours at least, for her body and clothes to have been so dripping with the rain fallen from broken clouds. Nobody looked hard enough to see the tear streaks on her cheeks, but they knew they were there just the same. Scarlett remained standing just so, her head tipped up toward the heavens and her face a mask hiding her emotions. Her breaths fell like quiet shudders, spilling out of her mouth and shaking her shoulders. In her mind, a turmoil worse than anything she had felt before raged on.

I have lived on Ovenar for nearly three years– this is my home. How can I simply abandon them? Earth–no, life–meant nothing to me before. Is that what he wishes–for me to leave here, become the person I was before I met a true family, to return to earth and live an empty life? Lex is asking too much of me, this time. He knows I would do…anything, for him. Why would he ask me to make this choice? Why… why… WHY! There was no answer that came back to her, just the lonely echoes inside her head of the the thoughts she pondered on. There was no second voice inside her mind, there was no dream–nightmare or otherwise–to help guide her. Only her own limited wisdom. She wanted to trust Lexington, but she didn’t know if she could.

And so, as the towers of Ovenar crumbled behind her and the heavens poured down rains upon the land, Scarlett made her decision. She opened her eyes and walked away, as the screams and mayhem of the burning, tumbling city were faded from her hearing. As the Whispers became Shouts and Battle cries. As the rain poured down everywhere and Shadows streaked across the ground. She left it behind forever and stepped back through the gateway, to earth.


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