Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Good Chocolate

Alright. I have given up on just writing book reviews. I love books yes, with all of my ever growing heart that is the case. But I can’t JUST POST about books. I just can’t. That’s why I have a Doctor Who Page. I was browsing the web earlier today, and I came across something that I really loved- she said that she created her blog because she was tired of trying to please everyone and she was tired of everyone seeming like they didn’t listen or care about what she said.

I love that. I love that she started a blog to help herself. I love her. She is an inspiration to me, who has a hard enough time already not feeling like the world is against me and still tries to please the ones that hate me.

I love that she has her blog, and I want to post every once in awhile about my life, too. Be warned- I am a big romantic. I am a lover of fine chocolates, and I firmly believe that I have the right to pursue the life that I want to live. Nobody will ever change my opinion on that.

People have told me that I am pushy and I don’t give or take advice well, they have said I read to much manga and anime and that I should stop, they tell me that my comments aren’t relevent or helpful or useful and I should stop doing this or that or the other and I am tired of it. I want to change. I want to make myself better. And I want to do it without telling any of the people that tell me these things.

These people that say these things to me will never affect me again, now. I refuse to let them. My thoughts are my own, my life is my own, my feelings and loves and desires and insanely intense fangirl moments are my own, and I love myself for it. I always worry that other people will hate me for that reason- that they will hate me because I have very grounded views in politics and music and art and music and media and life and what makes a good chocolate bar and sometimes I seem to strong.

Those things make me want to lock myself in a box, put me on a shelf, and shrivel away. But I have a mysterious figure who always helps me- I have no idea who he is (he’s mainly in my head) but he’s the one who keeps me going. I’ll find him someday- my perfect love. In the meantime, I’ll drown my sorrows in chocolate. good chocolate. XD  like Lindt, Cadbury, and Ritter Sport.

I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration, and I hope y’all still love me even after I have given a bit of my true soul to you. : )



3 responses to “Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Good Chocolate

  1. Wow. that sounds like something I would do. (Drown my sorrows in chocolate, that is!!! X3)
    I know how u feel! I feel like I’m supposed to paint on a canvas that’s already in the frame, sometimes! (Ohshc reference! XD kyoya-senpai said that in episode…erm…I forgot.)
    I am inspired, too! I guess I should take ur advice, and open up a little!
    Thx, cozybooks!
    My brother says I keep going on and on about kh and kh2 all the time. (Major riku fangirl!!! Squeeeee!!!!!) Got any bright ideas?)

    • i know. i swear that the ten pounds i will lose walking from class to class this year will be canceled out by all of the chocolate i eat. (kyoya is like- my favorite out of all the ohshc members…. him and everyone else, too… they’re all good) i hate that feeling of being a painting; when you know there’s more to you than they see, or they mock you for being you. i hate it. my advice concerning your brother is this: your riku fangirlness isn’t something to be ashamed of, and although you shouldn’t get angry or upset with him, you do need to get your feelings visualized somehow. i use non rhyme poetry and my manga drawings. i don’t know how you want to do it, but let the emotion out safely, no matter what emotion it is. thank you for finding my post good enough to comment on- that boosts my confidence a ton. :) <3 go manga!

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