The Blue Sword~ a Book by Robin McKinley

  The Blue Sword. Where do I even begin? I guess that I could just say that it is, hands down, one of the best works of fiction that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I started it a few years ago when the prequal, the Hero and the Crown, was recommended to me by one of my favorite aunts in the universe. I read the Hero and the Crown, and although I didn’t like it as much as I liked this one, that book is also a great book. Since that time, I have read the Blue Sword over four times, liking each read-through better than the last.

Amazon Summary~
This is the story of Harry Crewe, the Homelander girl who became Harimad- sol, King’s Rider, and heir to the Blue Sword, Gonturan, that no woman had wielded since the Lady Aerin herself bore it into battle. Harry Crewe is an orphan girl who comes to live in Damar, the desert country shared by the Homelanders and the secretive, magical Hillfolk. Her life is quiet and ordinary-until the night she is kidnapped by Corlath, the Hillfolk King, who takes her deep into the desert. She does not know the Hillfolk language; she does not know why she has been chosen. But Corlath does. Harry is to be trained in the arts of war until she is a match for any of his men. Does she have the courage to accept her true fate?

Link to the book on Amazon

Stuff to watch Out For~ Not much, really. There are a few lines that allude to the low moral character of Corlath’s father, and how illegitimate children still turn up in the city from time to time. Violence is minimal, although when it does occur it is because of a war and isn’t just a spat. No swearing that I can remember. My biggest warning is this: Robin McKinley’s YA books are great- they’re pretty clean, entertaining, and I love them to death. Her Adult Fiction- not so much. The only one of her Adult fiction that I started turned out to be a MAJOR mistake. It had basically ALL of the things I am against in it- multiple times. So, Read any of her YA fiction, just none of her other books. Good Books include: Outlaws of Sherwood, Beauty, The Hero and the Crown and Spindle’s End. I’d have to read more to tell you more titles, but let me tell you I will be more cautious around this author now.



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