The Alliance~ a novel by Gerald Lund

 Yes, this book is dystopian, yes it is by the same author as the Work and the Glory series, and no, there aren’t any specific mentions of religion in this book.  It is however, an amazing story about bering your own person and the value of Freedom, and the price that comes with it. This is one of my favorite books of all time, for so many reasons.

Amazon Summary~

It’s 18 years after the nuclear holocaust and the end of civilization, as we know it. Survivors are being relocated to a new society known as the Alliance. It seems like a dream come true for many of the new citizens. Crime, as well as harmful emotions, such as anger and prejudice have been eliminated, because the Alliance has computerized control over it’s citizens from a computer chip that has been implanted in everyone. Eric Lloyd discovers the Alliance’s corrupt power structure and vows to destroy it. But can one person change the world?
Stuff to watch out for~ There is nothing in the Alliance to watch out for in terms of sexuality. The protagonist does fall in love, there are a few kisses, nothing more.
There’s no swearing…
The premise of the book is a bit disconcerting- the idea of having devices used to condition you and your feelings- and you get an electrical shock if you don’t control them- is a scary one.
This book is a revolutionary one, characters die on both sides of the spectrum. Still, it is clear which side is good and which is bad. It’s not overly gory either, like the Hunger Games is.
Not many younger teens are going to read this book- not many older teens either. The first chapter was enough to discourage me the first time I tried to read it. Still, when I tried again and read it all the way through, I discovered a gem of a book. Since that first read through, I have read it at least three more times.
The writing style is definitely for an older audience- the age and maturity of the characters indicates this. The main characters are all in their twenties or above. It is a great book for anybody who is up for the adventure!
~Cozybooks <3

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