It’s A Mall World After All~ a comedic novel by Jannette Rallison

 Okay. Janette Rallison has some great books, and some books that are less good. None of them have any iffy sketchy stuff in them, but they’re just not as entertaining as they could be- she has what I would like to call a zone- and please, nobody take this like I’m hating on Jannette Rallison, beacause I love her books. There are just some that I love better than others. Her ‘zone’ deals with teenagers, love annd comedy. Not Junior High students, although her books about them are good too.

Amazon Summary~

If they gave out diplomas for what you learn at the mall, Charlotte could graduate with honors.  Ever since she got a job as a perfume spritzer, she’s become an expert on all things shopping related—oh and she’s getting really good at spying on her classmates who hang out there.  What she hasn’t mastered is the art of convincing her best friend Brianna dump her boyfriend Bryant, after Charlotte catches him flirting with a mysterious, blond-haired stick figure. Now Brianna is taking his side! Charlotte must prove who is right, once and for all, and that means catching Bryant in the act.  This is where her mall roaming skills will come in handy.  Perfume anyone?

Link to book on Amazon

Stuff to Watch Out For~ Not that much, really- it’s clean so far as sexuality goes. A few kisses at the end, and there is the recurring theme that Bryant is cheating on Brianna. Other than that, notta.

No violence. Except a fight in the mall at the end of the book. But enough about that~ spoilers!

All good, all clean, and overall a cute fluffy read!

~Cozybooks <3


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