Code Red ~ A Book By Jennie Hansen

   I LOVE Jennie Hansen. I love her to death. Her books are amazing. Treuly phenomonal. Simply put, I can’t get enough of her. This is one of my favorite books BY her- Code Red.

Summary~ When she was young, she saw her father get shot by a man in the forest.  Fed up with the therapists she is sent to when she discovers nobody believes her, Nicole throws an ashtray at on of the therapists heads. She spends several years in a children’s mental hospital for that. When she gets out, she too believes what her mother and older sister were told- that her father was a deserter, that he had left his post shamefully in the army and run off. Now she is in her earliest of the twenties, and returning to the Fort where the crime occurred, to help her sister while her brother-in-law is off in Iraq. Everything is fine-until new evidence surfaces that seems to prove that Nicole hadn’t hallucinated the execution. Add in a handsome young soldier and some great dialogue, and you have Code Red.


Link to the Book on Amazon


SO GOOD!!! This is a Mormon fiction book, but Jennie Hansen is one of the few authors that I know who can actually do the whole ‘Mormon Author‘ thing well and actually give an engaging story. The book is clean, no profanities, no bedroom scenes, and I would recommend it to anybody!



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