The Purpose Of This Site….

Hello and Welcome! This is the newest creation of mine, a book site for all the good books remaining in the world! Understand, I am not reviewing books. If a book has something that I deem innapropriate, then I will not be reviewing it! I will probably post lists every now and again of books to stay AWAY from, but for the most part I wish to simply give good book recommendations to all y’all!

That said, you should all know my standards for a book, to make sure it qualifies for a review. If you look over to your left, you ~should~ see a tab that says ‘Book Standards’. That is where I will have all of the requirements for a book to be reviewed, so you don’t have to search through this blog multiple times to find the rules if you ever forget them. A basic rule: please, no profanity. If you swear at me, I WILL NOT PUBLISH your comment.

I do review any type of Christian books, provided I can get my hands on them. No, I will not review a book if it has any f-bombs in it, and NO I will not review a book with bedroom scenes and sex in it. Thank you for respecting my request and NOT GIVING ME TITLES to review that have these things in them. By the same token, I hereby promise that I will not give YOU any book recommendations that have bedroom scenes or f-bombs in them. Sometimes there are a few swear words, but I will inform you if there are, and I never read anything with TOO much swearing in it. So, we all on the same page? Let’s get this party going, then!


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